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WindStone Medical Packaging Inc. is a dedicated, custom surgical pack supplier focused on providing medical procedure solutions for our customers. WindStone's product depth and breadth offering includes sterile surgical packs used throughout hospitals, surgery centers, and emergency room environments. In addition, WindStone has recently introduced a new line of orthopedic positioning kit products for the Wilson, Jackson, and Andrews tables, as well as an affordable barriatric foam line.
As a custom surgical pack supplier, WindStone is focused on providing you the finest possible medical procedure products for patient care. We source the components needed, deliver the packs when they are needed, with the quality our customers demand, for a value they recognize. We are committed to providing products that meet your exact specifications each time, every time, with ZERO unathorized component substitutions.
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WindStone believes health care providers should have the option to select the best available product, based on:
  • the best clinical choice
  • the best cost
  • the best value and
  • the best overall service
  • We believe WindStone Medical Packaging is your BEST option!
    Founded in 1978, WindStone Medical Packaging, Inc. grew from a custom sterile cardiac procedure pack company to a national provider of specialty surgical packs for every type of surgery including open heart, arthroscopy, general surgery, labor and delivery, pediatric, opthalmic, anesthesia, radiology and emergency procedures. WindStone assembles customized trays supporting national and customer preferred branded products from over 1,300 medical manufacturers according to customer specification. WindStone surgical packs are packaged and sterilized on-site to provide customers with procedure-ready surgical packs.
    Unique on-line purchasing options provide customers with ultimate control in order placement, pack management and detailed account information access including component tracings and pack usage history. Our customers can also make pack changes and even request new pack quotes directly from the website, saving time and money.

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